What is Helios

pHotonics ELectronics functional Integration on CMOS


The mission of the large scale integrating project HELIOS is to make CMOS photonics accessible to a broad circle of users. During 4 years, the HELIOS consortium will develop innovative means to combine a photonic layer with a CMOS circuit, using microelectronics fabrication processes.

HELIOS gathers 19 partners among the major European CMOS Photonics and Electronics players and potential users. It will drive the European RTD in CMOS Photonics and pave the way for industrial development.

The project includes the development of such essential building blocks as efficient sources (Silicon-based and heterogeneous integration of III-V on silicon), fast modulators and, beyond, the combination and packaging of these building blocks for the demonstration of complex functions, addressing a variety of industrial needs:

  • a 40Gb/s modulator on an Electronic IC
  • a 16x10 Gb/s transceiver for WDM-PON applications,
  • a Photonic QAM-10Gb/s wireless transmission system
  • a mixed analog and digital transceiver module for multifunction antennas.

The results of HELIOS will pave the way for applications of CMOS photonics for other fields, eg sensors or optical processing. HELIOS will make integration technologies accessible for a broad circle of users in a foundry-like, fabless way

Final outcomes

HELIOS has been completed successfully : final summary and partners contact d...

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HELIOS completed !

HELIOS Program Develops Complete Supply Chain for Integrating Photonics with...

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Silicon transmitter

First demonstration of a tunable transmitter on silicon at 10 Gb/s

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